On October 19, 2015, CMS issued a memorandum announcing the release of the 2015/2016 Program Audit Protocols. Since the release of the protocols, we have received questions from industry requesting clarification on certain items in the protocols, largely in the various record layouts. Record layouts detail all of the data CMS requests in advance of a program audit, and it is from this data that we pull our samples to perform the audit.
Based on feedback from the industry, we created an addendum to the protocols (attached to this memo) that offers clarification on the fields causing confusion, and should be used in conjunction with the CY 2016 audit protocols. It does not change any of the data we are requesting, it simply provides clarification to certain fields that continue to cause confusion. The addendum has a table for each protocol, and indicates which page or record layout field is affected, what the initial language was that caused confusion, an explanation of the change, and the updated language sponsors should utilize when preparing for audit.

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CY2016_Addendum_to the_Program_Audit_Protocols