Provider Credentialing

Nothing is more critical to healthcare providers than the well being of their patients. One of the fundamental tenets in providing that care is having the best medical professionals. Provider Partnership can help you with credentialing and staffing services. Offered as a separate service, or as part of the network development process, we can improve your onboarding efficiency by up to 70%.

Benefits of Provider Partnership’s Credentialing and Staffing Services platform:

  • 24/7 access to information via our web portal
  • Industry-leading security measures. Our platform uses Military Grade, 256-bit encryption to keep your information secure
  • Eliminate Errors- All information entered into the platform must pass through hundreds of application logic rules. This step ensures that all data entries conform to industry standards and regulations
  • Streamlined Efficiency- Providers input their information during the initial assessment phase. Data gets stored in a central hub and is auto-populated each time an application is needed from hospitals, health plans, and insurance companies
  • Imaging Module- Users can scan an unlimited number of documents: scan and store W-9s, licenses, board certifications, and more
  • System Alerts- Automated alert module notifies of pending document expiration
  • Credentialing Status Updates- Track the credentialing process from start to finish. Input notes at any step of the process to ensure completeness and record any necessary follow-up

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